My First Blog Post!

Well here it is, my FIRST official blog post. I have always wanted to do a blog; I love writing and love to express how I’m feeling about different situations, also some may call me a chatterbox. I would have started one a long time ago but I couldn’t think of a topic I wanted to go with;  animals? traveling? pageants? After brainstorming I couldn’t imagine writing about anything else but Animals as my love started for them as soon as I was born!

My main goal with this blog is to show how much joy an animal can bring to someone’s life whether it’s your own animal or an animal you see often. I could definitely write this whole blog about my experiences with animals but I want people in Fort McMurray to give me their perspectives and stories. Basically this is how I would like my blog to go, each weekday I will post something new along these lines:

Adopt Me Monday: I will feature a few of the FMSPCA animals up for adoption
Tuesday Spotlight: Meet a local rescue parent/animal supporter
Wagging Wednesday: Tips on training your dog
hursday Spotlight: Meet a local rescue parent/animal supporter
FMSPCA Friday: I will post about how to get involved with the local spca, events, news and programs they offer.

Even thou it is Wednesday I’m going to start off with a Tuesday Spotlight post interview…with myself!
-Name: Kimberley
-Origin: Merritt, BC
-Years in Fort McMurray: 8 years on July 1st
-Animal(s) (name, breed, age):
German Shepherd x Husky
9 years old
-Interesting facts about your Animal(s): The list could go on about interesting facts on Rolo, He has epilepsy which because of his medication he is a very mellow dog UNLESS you take him outside then he turns into this playful little puppy. When we adopted him he was a very scared, shy dog with lots of trust issues, he surprises me every day with little changes in his personality, for the better. He went from knowing 2 tricks to almost 10 (and people say you can’t teach a old dog new tricks)
-Perspective on adopting a rescue: I only support people adopting animals and everywhere I go I try to encourage people to adopt, especially if I am up at the shelter for my weekly doggie cuddles, I always talk to people browsing and telling them my great story of how we found Rolo and how much he has changed our lives.
-Favorite quote: “life’s too short to be anything but happy”
-Last words: feel free to contact me if you have a happy story about adopting, want to spread the word about animal abuse, or just want to talk about pets. Email: kimberley_nelson@hotmail.comrolo matchem                                                                                                 This is Rolo!