Thursday Spotlight – Lynn Hannah

It’s thursday and that means its our FIRST THURSDAY SPOTLIGHT post! This thursday features my interview questions to be answered by Lynn Hannah! For those of you who dont know her.. you probabaly have been tweeted or retweeted by her on twitter or you may have reconised the cute puppy face below to be on the back of a Diversified Bus! I’m very honored to have Lynn & MAC answer my questions and I love Mac’s story of adoption :) If your at any FMSPCA events there is no doubt you will see these two there!

-Name: Lynn Hannah
-Origin:Georgetown, Ontario
-Years in Fort McMurray: 3 years this summer
-Animal(s) (name,breed, age): Mac; a Shetland German Shepherd Cross was adopted
December 30th, 2010 and the whole family flew from Ontario to pick him up (two boys; Kyle & Ben and Mark my husband)
-Interesting facts about your Animal(s): Mac was a parvovirus pup
and odds were against him living but he is a fighter and when I saw his picture
at the SPCA I knew he needed a break and second chance!  He has flown 9 times back and forth to Ontario, has 4 people who are wrapped around his paw and he loved us all unconditionally. He is our rags to riches puppy!
-Perspective on adopting a rescue: There are so many loving animals at the shelter who desperately need a second chance so why not adopt?  There are no good reasons not to but so many why one should!
-Favorite quote: RESCUE is not an action it’s a PROMISE!

**I want to thank you again Lynn & Mac for answering my questions! Be sure to follow Lynn on twitter @LynnGHannahImage