Tuesday Spotlight – Helen Connolly

IT’S TUESDAY SPOTLIGHT and today I will feature a past employee of our local SPCA, She now works first hand with animals at a vet here in town and speaks strongly for spaying and nuetering your animals. Her name is Helen Connolly and she has a houseful of loving pets! She also knew Apollo before he became my Rolo!

 -Name: Helen Naomi Connolly

-Origin: Stephenville Newfoundland

-Years in Fort McMurray:
14 years ago and unlike everyone else I had a 1 year plan lol not the 5 year plan but I now consider Fort McMurray my home.

-Animal(s) (name, breed, ect):
The dogs names are Ella (Rottweiler) Kasha ( Rotti x beagle) Beamer ( Boston Terrier) and my kitty is Girlie (Domestic Long Hair) All but Ella came from our local SPCA!!

-Interesting facts about your Animal(s)
: Rottweiler’s are extremely intelligent dogs and like their siblings the Pitbull or the German Sheppard they have a really bad “rep” I wanted one to train from a puppy and to be a big lap dog and that’s exactly what Ella is! Every animal in my pack has their own little cute habits.. Kasha is extremely obsessed with the ball; she would sleep with it at night if she was allowed. When you see Kasha at the dog park she is the dog who could care less what’s going on around her as long as her ball she is being thrown to her!! She is now 8 1/2 years old and is in the best shape she has ever been!! Beamer is quite the diva! You will never catch him out in the winter! When the furnace kicks in, no matter where Beamer is at in the house he will come running to the kitchen to lay on the grate and once the heat stops blowing he will get up and carry on with his business until it kicks in again! Girlie is 15 years old now but still acts like she is 15 months!! she is an extremely cuddly cat and even though she is completely blind she will explore this house from top to bottom without hesitation and then there is Ella who is such a sook she always wants to be pet, I always say that I wish we had a robot hand so that Ella would stop nudging our arms when we aren’t petting her.

-Perspective on adopting a rescue
: My perspective on adopting a rescue is that there is no greater feeling in this world! Animals are such great friends, they never criticize or ask questions and when you look into their eyes their eyes speak a total different language.

-Last words:
My one wish is that everyone would consider adoption over buying because there are millions of homeless animals in our world and majority of them are humanely euthanized every day due to shortage of space :( this isn’t fair.. They didn’t ask to be brought into this world… all because someone was careless and didn’t spay or neuter. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER!