FMSPCA Walk to End Animal Abuse 2013

Animal abuse seems to be a never ending story all around the world and it more then likely even happens in the city you live in. I was very happy when there was a press release from the FMSPCA talking about the incidents that recently happened. There was also a story put into the Fort McMurray Connect regarding another incident. Communities need to know about what is happening out there and not just turn a blind eye because maybe there is a chance that they can stop it. Most people don’t know about all of the animal abuse going on in the city, some may think even the smallest thing isn’t animal abuse but really it is. For instance if it’s a hot day outside and you know someone that keeps their animal outside all day with no water or shade, that IS a form of animal abuse. Leaving your pet outside in the cold for a long period of time IS animal abuse. If you could see a picture of me typing this out you would see that my face is getting red, I get so steamed up about these issues and have no idea why they happen, all my life I was told to treat others the way you wanted to be treated. For those who know me, know I treat Rolo and any animals I meet like they are family. When you witness or even suspect a form of animal abuse if is going on please contact bylaw 1-(780)-743-8997or even the police 1-(780)-788-4000

Wanting a great way to raise awareness of Animal abuse?
Join me & Rolo Sunday April 21st at the gazebo on thicket drive to give a voice to animals for the Fort McMurray SPCA’s Walk to End Animal Abuse. Registration available online at along with pledge forms. Registration opens at 10am Walk begins at 11am. If you want to donate to our pledge please contact me (this is our photo from last years walk to end animal abuse- below)
rolo and mewalk