Tuesday Spotlight – Vanessa Chauhan

This TUESDAY SPOTLIGHT is on a friend of mine Vanessa Chauhan. We both met while being delegates in the Miss Wood Buffalo Pageant which winners can become ambassadors for the FMSPCA. Even if we didn’t win, You can still find us at the events supporting the fmspca, talking about our animals or up at the shelter cuddling with the rescues, who said we didn’t win.. Cause we act like we did!

-Name: Vanessa Chauhan

-Origin: Stoney Plain, AB:)

-Years in Fort McMurray: 1 1/5

-Animal(s) (name, breed, ect): max is a 10 year old
Rottweiler, coco is a 5 year old Neapolitan Mastiff

-Interesting facts about your Animal(s): max is a full bred
Rottweiler, but he is only 51 pounds and he can salsa. Coco like strawberry jam and peanut butter sandwiches and she will get one at all costs and will try to hug people when they tell at someone other than her. It’s very cute!

-Perspective on adopting a rescue: I think it’s the best thing you can do, not only for the animal but for yourself. You know that you are making a difference in another beings life, and it’s nothing short of a miracle to that animal that you chose him or her over an animal that you could have purchased. I’ve rescued many animals from bad situations, and all they need is someone to take their life seriously and love them. You will never feel love, like the love you get from your new companion, who has been abandoned once and never thought they could be attached to someone

-Favorite quote: “treat animals as you want to be treated.”- Me

-Last words: “leave behind a world you would want to live in”