Wagging Wednesday – Dog Park Etiquette

In Fort McMurray there is only 1 Dog Park to visit which happens to be on the other side of the town from where I live, I do still bring Rolo there but we mainly use the trails behind our house. We still follow the same rules as if we are at the city dog park. I would rather use the dog park to socialize him with other dogs but lately it has been so disgusting, not just with people not taking responsibility and picking up after their animals but the way the owners treat/look after their pets. Dog parks should be a place where you can get your dog socialized, let them run, and of course play not somewhere you don’t want to take your pets because people don’t follow the rules.
dog park photo

Here are my thoughts on how I think a dog park should be run;

  1. All pets do it, so if you see your pet going to the washroom, clean up after it. If you don’t seem to have a doggie bag, ask someone around you. I have made the mistake and didn’t bring any one time; People were very friendly and let me use one of theirs.
  2. If you pet has a tendency to pick on/be aggressive I would think again about bringing them to the dog park until they have worked on their issues. Last thing you would want is your dog attacking another animal or parent. There is a 2nd dog park right beside the dog park where no one usually goes in; you can start your pet in there. They will be able to go up to the fence and greet the other animals in the dog park. Start slow because this could take a long time to get over their issues. Also check out the photo below of the “Yellow Ribbon”
  3. Keep your pets vaccines up to date as Healthy; vaccinated dogs are at low risk of becoming ill as a result of visiting the dog park. There are health risks any time your dog interacts with other dogs, just as there are for us when we interact with other people. Fleas are everywhere-including on squirrels, rabbits and raccoons-so the key to flea control is providing adequate protection on your pet.
  4. The dog park is a place for pets and people to socialize, when your animal is out playing keep an eye on it, when a dog is out of its element they can act differently and you need to be able to control them.
  5. If your pet isn’t fixed, don’t bring it to the dog park.  SIMPLE

Check it out: Fort McMurray Dog Park Users Facebook Page
clean up