Thursday Spotlight – Kyla Rikkonen

-Name: Kyla Rikkonen

-Origin: thunder bay Ontario

-Years in Fort McMurray: Going on 4 years

-Animal(s) (name, breed, age): Tika (Pomeranian) Kia (American Eskimo Pom X)

-Interesting facts about your Animal(s): Tika is going to be 6 this year and I
get asked all the time of she is a baby. She turns her head alot when you ask
her to go for a walk or if you say unicorn. Her favorite toy is a squeaky
elephant we call Norbert. She can retrieve most of her toys by name!

Kia was rescued from an abusive home. She has trouble around men but me and my
boyfriend work with her all the time. She has an under bite and burps a lot.

-Perspective on adopting a rescue: I bought Tika as a puppy. I don’t regret it
at all as she is my world! I also paid for Kia but she was already two and a
half and after finding out what she had been through, I knew that that one fee
to get her into my possession would promise her a forever life of love and
happiness. She is now the most excited thing to see me when I get home. She has
really bonded to me. I think if you are given the opportunity to change an
animal’s life for the better, you should do it. That animal wants nothing more
than its past and that kennel its probably in to be a fragment of an old
memory. I think every animal deserves a great owner, and to experience walks,
and fetch, to be well fed and snuggled instead of hit or neglected. It’s a
wonderful thing when you know you’ve given a life a second chance at happily
ever after. And there is nothing in this world more rewarding then that life
looking up at you like you are the greatest person in the entire world.