Thursday Spotllight – Jen Pick-Neville

This thursdays interview features FMSPCA’s Events and Volunteer Coordinator Jen Pick-Neville. You have more then likely have heard her before on the Country 93.3 morning show with her Hubby Jerry talking about reality tv shows. I believe she brings so much to the FMSPCA expecially with new fundraising ideas and events. If you ever have any questions about volunteering or events please contact her; or 780-743-8997 :)

-Name: Jen Pick-Neville

-Origin: Kentville, NS

-Years in Fort McMurray:

-Animal(s) (name, breed, age): Peppy, Border Collie/Sheltie, 14

-Interesting facts about your Animal(s): Peppy was not a conventional rescue, I had actually know Peppy for most of her life. She belonged to a member of the local fire department named, Ron, who is now my Step Father, and I would often see Peppy at events and for visits. When Peppy was 10 my Mom and Step Father were moving to an apartment that would not allow pets and he couldn’t find anyone to take her. I was upset at the thought of him taking her to the SPCA at home as it is not a no-kill shelter and based on her age they deemed her unadoptable. I asked my husband Jerry if we could take her and he said no, but only because we had only been in our new home for less than a month and he wanted to wait and see how we managed with the bills before adding to our family. Well, I have never really been one for accepting the word no, so I brought her home anyway, and told him she would only be with us until Ron could find a suitable owner.

A month went by and Ron had found a new owner for Peppy. I told Jerry and he said that she already had a family, which was good because I had already told my Step Father that we would keep her. Spent has spent the last 4 years with us and even made the road trip across Canada with us to come here to our new home in Fort McMurray.

Peppy is the life of the party. She loves attention and has been known to steal the spotlight on occasion, like when she co-hosted the Bow Wow Beauty pageant last year with my husband.

-Perspective on adopting a rescue: I don’t say that we rescued Peppy, she actually rescued us. For a dog who was only supposed to be with us temporarily she made a permanent place in our hearts and we could not image our lives without her. Peppy is the perfect example of an older dog who still has lots of spunk left in her. Older dogs deserve a forever home too.

-Favorite quote:
A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life — Bob Barker

-Last words: Adopt don’t shop, it will be the best thing you ever do!