Tuesday Spotlight – Theresa & Sam Wells

Theresa is a local blogger blogging about all things Fort McMurray. You can find her at all the local events getting an insiders look and chatting up the crowds. You can see her writing gracing the pages of YMM magazine, The Fort McMurray Connect, On the local Radio Stations (I’m sure I missed a few ) Check out her blog at: I want to thank them for answering my questions, sharring their stories and photos! CHECK OUT HER BLOG : http://www.mcmurraymusings.com/ 

Name: Theresa and Sam Wells aka McMurray Musings and the Intrepid Junior Blogger

Origin: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (and all over Canada after that) for Theresa, Red Lake, Ontario for Sam

Years in Fort McMurray: Ten

Animals: We co-own Cassie, a seven-year old female Irish Terrier, and Sam owns three ferrets: Abu, a male, Zazzles, a female, and River Song, a female adopted from the Fort McMurray SPCA

Interesting facts about your animals: While Cassie was purchased from a breeder and Zazzles from a pet store both Abu and River Song came to our family in other ways. Abu came from someone who could no longer keep him and give him the attention he needs, and River Song was surrendered at the local SPCA. Theresa was at the SPCA to write about them in her blog McMurray Musings when they mentioned they had a small female ferret that would be available for adoption soon. Theresa explained that Sam, aka the Intrepid Junior Blogger, is probably the Fort McMurray Ferret Expert, and the rest is history! River joined our forever family and is a well-loved addition.

Our perspective on adopting a rescue: Don’t shop, adopt! We love all our critters equally but River Song is a very special addition to the family. She is perhaps the sweetest and most cuddly of all our ferrets and is more like a dog in her devotion and interest in her owner. She seems pretty grateful to have joined us, and we are deeply grateful to have her. We both love to visit
the SPCA and plan to add an adopted cat to our zoo this summer. We believe in the more the merrier around our house! :)

Favourite quote: Theresa: You just have to decide if you are a Tigger or an Eeyore – Randy Pausch

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