Bring on the happy tears – Shelter Me Episode 1

I was sick last week and stayed home from work for a few days, did you know that during work hours they’re not too many interesting TV shows on. I found this out and was very disappointed, how was I going to sit on the couch and rest while being entertained? I turned on the Netflix, Scrolled through some movies and came across “Shelter Me” —-This immediately caught my eye as you can tell from this blog, I love animals. I was intrigued! Shelter Me is produced and directed by Steven Latham of Steven Latham Productions.

Before the show started I snapped a photo of what I was about to watch as this was Exciting as I’ve never seen a movie like this before. In this episode we follow the journey of 2 dogs from strays to finding their forever homes, meeting inmates at a women’s prison that train shelter dogs to become service animals and we also meet two war veterans coping with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and how their service animals affect their lives.
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First off Katherine Hiegel opens up about how much joy a shelter pet can bring to someone, I love her as an actress and when I see celebrities out there speaking for those who cannot speak, it gives me a new found respect for them.

This morning as I was doing some research online about Shelter Me TV, I found out that this show I watched wasn’t just a1 time movie, That it is actually a series and that got me very excited as I loved the first Episode.

Don’t quote me but from this first episode I believe it is only based in Los Angeles. First it brings us to a Los Angeles animal shelter and we go on an adventure following an animal control officer who got a call about 2 stray dogs. One call that was made to the shelter was about an “aggressive” dog that was in a backyard hiding under some looked like construction materials. This dog was so timid and scared, and did not show one sign of aggression. It happened to be a pit-bull cross; a breed who people always assume is mean (I do not believe that one bit). The second animal was found roaming the streets around LA, the dog had some scratches on its face as if it might have been in a fight.

Both of these pets were brought to the shelter, cleaned up and started the process of waiting for an adopter. Both of these dogs had happy endings and both got adopted to loveable new owners.

What happens next is something I never knew happened in this world. We visit a woman’s shelter where inmates train shelter dogs to become service dogs. I honestly didn’t think this happened. Each inmate in the program is assigned a dog to work with 24/7. The inmates teach the animals over 50 commands, like turning on a light, picking something up, pulling someone in a wheelchair, alerting people if someone is having a medical episode. They attend group training sessions to work on all of the skills the pets have learned. After between a few months and a year the pet is matched up with someone that has a disability.

This section of the TV show made me cry, especially when the inmates were passing over their dogs to the owners of the service dog company to be brought to someone with a disability. It was so emotional and you could tell how much those ladies loved working with their service pets. But the story reoccurs as they will now get new shelter pets to start training, and those dogs that they training will make a huge difference in someone’s life.

The next part of this episode features two war veterans who after returning to the United States now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. They both have service dogs and I believe even someone petting a pet it brings some sort of calmness to yourself. I know exactly how this feels; I put my dog through Pet Therapy so he can become a service dog and visit people at the hospitals, schools and old age homes because I know how much joy a pet can bring to someone.

**Wrapped up, I love these Episodes and I can’t wait to watch the other ones! Be sure to watch their episodes and check out their website: and Facebook page:

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