Thursday Spotlight – Mary Gosse

Mary is a local pet trainer who also pet sits animals. She makes only the best animal treats using the most natural ingredients for her pets and guest animals. You can also find her practicing natural remedies (ear infection treatments, digestive help ect)

Name:  Mary Gosse

Origin:  NewfoundLand

Animals: odie is a wire terrier 5yrs and molly is a  med hair brown tabby 10yrs both adopted from Fort McMurray SPCA

Interesting facts about your animals: odie helps me with training shy and nervous dogs she plays them and shows them around .molly bosses the dogs around they both enjoy the laser light and the tunnels. molly also snuggles
and hugs you when your sick or in pain.

Our perspective on adopting a rescue:  adopting shelter animals was one the best decision I’ve ever made