How to Prevent Lost Animals [TIPS]

img_0290Today I will be talking about Lost Animals and how you can prevent your pets from escaping. I’m constantly on Facebook and lately have been seeing so many animals missing around town (both cats & dogs), some finding their owners, some not (yet!) Animals can be very sneaky and its your job as an animal parent to protect them, make sure they don’t get hurt, or lost. Treat them as if they are your children. If you do end up seeing a stray animal on the loose and it won’t come near you, call  animal control. I think there are so many different ways to prevent this; from my own experience I have been lucky in my life and haven’t had a pet run away in my presence before and I think it is because I follow these guidelines:

1) While going to anyone’s house assume the worst (that they have a pet wanting to escape) and that they’re pet could escape at any time, While opening the door be aware of where the pet is, if the pet has a tendency to bolt get the owner to hold the animals collar, if they have a fence, make sure the gate/ door is closed.

2) Get your pets licensed yearly. For where I live (Fort McMurray, AB) pets are licensed through the city. if they do end up running away that is the easiest way for someone to identify where the pet is from and who it belongs to.

3) Make sure your pet is always wearing its collar (with license attached)

4) If your pet is allowed in your yard to do its business and has a tendency of escaping, Get a line and attach them to it, so even if they were to try to escape they couldn’t because they are leashed.

5) First off consider whether or not your dog is neutered, and yes unaltered male dogs have a strong desire to roam. It’s his drive to reproduce, so if you get him neutered you will reduce your male dog’s “need” to roam in about 90% of males, which means in about 10% of males it may not change the roaming habits.

6) If you have a yard that is fenced, put up a sign stating that there is a pet that lives there and people going to your house will be cautious while entering your yard

7) If you go out walking always keep your pet on a leash unless you are in an off leash area.

I hope these little tips help you with keeping your pet safe as it breaks my heart seeing all these pets being searched for.
What do you do to keep your pets safe??


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