Thursday Spotlight- Jessica Hurley

 This Thursday Spotlight is on a friend of mine; Jessica Hurley. Jessica works at the local FMSPCA and is also a groomer in town. We both took the PAWS course with our pets and now they are both certified PAWS Members!

Checkout Jessica Hurleys Comfort  Grooming facebook page:!/JessicaHurleysComfortGrooming?fref=ts

-Name: Jessica Hurley

-Origin: Amherst Nova Scotia

-Years in Fort McMurray: I was here for 13 years moved away to saskatchewan for 10 yrs and than came back for 3 years….so far!

-Animal(s) (name, breed, age): Zeus slobberjaws, old english bulldogg who is 7 yrs (rescued from the FMSPCA) Miss Lacy wiggles, shitzu cross who is 5 yrs(saved from going to the spca) Dachson doodle a mini daschund cross who is 4 yrs old (had since he was 4 months) -Interesting facts about your Animal(s): My bulldog has passed to become a pet thearpist in the hospital.

-Perspective on adopting a rescue: I have been an animal lover ever since i was a child…ive have rescued cats, guinea pigs, and dogs!

-Favorite quote: Karma will always come back!

-Last words: I have become a groomer just so i can help those in need! I work at the spca to help those who need to be loved!  Animals are my life….i will always have a place in my heart for every kind of animal!

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