Tuesday Spotlight – Sara Burry

Name: Sara Burry

Origin: Newfoundland, of course

Years in FM: This August will be year 9 of the 5 year plan ;) this place is HOME now

Animals: 5!  2 cats & 3 Dogs

Interesting Facts about my Pets:

Salem & Duckie are the cats, both are seniors who traveled from Newfoundland with us.  Both are rescues.

Duckie was found on the side of the road eating road killL and we suspect she was only a couple of months old, we scooped her up and brought her to the local SPCA in Clarenville, as we were living in an apartment that did not allow pets.  I told the ladies at the SPCA that if they couldn’t find her a home to please let me know before they euthanized her (they are now a no-kill shelter.  About 3 months later they called… no luck getting her a home, so I immediately told them I would come for her and started looking for another apartment… and the rest is history.

Salem came crying to my door step a couple of years after, she was a tinny tiny kitten and could not fend for herself so of course she moved in too.  Salem’s life was rough the first couple of years, she had an undiagnosed illness and we almost lost her once, but the great Vets at the Torbay Vet Hospital nailed down that she had Crohns Disease.  She has had some minor issues since but doing great overall.

Jersey, Kaleigh, & Cage are the puppers.

Jersey our Labrador Retriever is a senior now, she is the first dog we got as adults and love her dearly. She also moved from Newfoundland with us, she’s actually the ONLY reason we drove across Canada, she HATES being in a kennel so flying was out of the question. She ate/chewed every single thing we owned in her first 2 yrs with us, but now she’s a model citizen.  She  LOVES to swim, squeakers & fetch. She is the sweetest dog ever and has thought us much about life.  She was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, so we are learning daily how to care for her and of course make her happy happy happy.

Miss Kaleigh is our rescue from the FMSPCA, who is a mix(pit, boxer, staffie, American bulldog, who knows) but I call her my Pittie .  We adopted her in Oct 2011, after jumping through a few hoops with bylaw.  As you may know Fort McMurray has a bylaw that only allows 4 pets per household.  We were at 5.  The SPCA, Animal Control and the bylaw officer worked with us to complete the adoption.  I remember the day like it was yesterday, I had just visited Kaleigh at the SPCA during my lunch, as I had been doing for 2 weeks, and they called from the SPCA to say my application had been denied only because we already had 4 pets, I cried so hard I had to hang up.  I composed myself and called back, I was willing to do ANYTHING to get her!  I spoke with the director, animal control and the bylaw office and we worked it out, 2 weeks, a home inspection & a play date later and she was all mine. The first year was interesting, we found out that she had crazy allergies, to a bunch of things (we are still working on this) and she was/is very fearful of some things, such as belts, dark hats and load noises. She is settled in completely now and she is the BIGGEST snuggle bug ever, and a weirdo at the same time!  Then there is

Cageour Doberman Pinscher and the biggest goof I have ever met.  He came to us from a breeder after the loss of our Rottweiler.  He is Miss Kays best friend and our shadow.  I had not had any experience with a Dobie before so let me tell you, they can scream!  Wow!  He screams when he doesn’t have everyone in the same room, the breeder told us “don’t expect to have a cuddly dog, the breed is happy to lay at your feet”  LOL not a chance, this little guy wants to be in your lap, in your bed and have you in sight at all times, unless he’s in his kennel with his sister.

Perspective on Adoption: 3 of my 5 pets are rescues or adoptions so needless to say I am an advocate for adoption.  After experiencing the difficulties with Kaleigh, with her fears( and probably abuse from previous owners) I can honestly say she is one of the best things we ever did!

My mother also fosters at her local SPCA, and recently adopted one of her senior fosters.  That poor old guy defiantly deserved to a second chance, he had been tied outside his whole life, he didn’t even know what toys were or stairs, how sad.  Well now he sleeps in a king size bed, with his new brother and has tonnes to toys. If one family can make a difference to 4 animals just imagine what everyone could do.

Favorite Quote: Some of our greatest treasures we place in a museum… others we take for walks.

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