Fixing Your Animals

Spay & Neutering – something so important to get done to your pet to help prevent unwanted litters and increase the already over population of pets. Perfectly healthy pets are getting euthanized because of lack of space.  I am constantly on Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter and a few other social media sites I don’t know how many times I have seen people post these stupid adds:

-My dog has not had babies yet so I would like her to have 1 litter to experience babies
-My dog has such a great temperament so I would like to pass on his genes to a litter – Said by a former friend, who after I freaked out at him I deleted and blocked him(I do not want to be friends with someone who thinks like this)
-My dog is purebred so I would like to mate it with another purebred (basically to make money)
-Taken From Kijiji Today “Hey I have a shar pei (girl) looking to breed her She’s full breed. Looking for someone wit a male shar pei” the english is horrible in this add!
-Taken from Kijiji today “Wanting to breed my 5 pound PomChi, Jenna. She is 3 years old and has never been bred. I have family that would like to have one of her puppies. Please call for more details.” more spelling mistakes in this one

Oh I get so steaming reading all these ads and posts, usually I event write back to them saying what a big mistake they are making. I don’t think any of these people know that more than likely their animals will end up at the shelter, sick (due to cost of vaccinations, and vet trips for between 4-10 animals) or lost due to someone not wanting them, if it was an accidental pregnancy.

I know some people say well if we spay and neuter every animal there aren’t going to be any animals left in the future? Really? I know there are still going to be people who ignore getting their animals fixed, still going to be breeders making money off animals. I don’t think it will ever end but we should control how many animals are brought into this world. Again go to your local SPCA and see how many animals are there, hand how many animals are on WAITING lists to just get into the SPCA. Lots of people also breed to make a profit and charge a ridiculous price between $600-1800! Did you can go to a shelter and get an animal for HALF that price, which includes shots and spay & neuter!

I will keep this short and sweet and leave it with “SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS”

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One thought on “Fixing Your Animals

  1. Keri Encore NotCindy says:

    I feel the same way. It infuriates me and shows how little they are actually considering their animal’s feelings in the equation. I don’t know if thinking like this and intentionally breeding is worse, or if irresponsibly neglecting to spay/neuter your animal and allowing accidental pregnancies is worse. There are so many homeless animals who need our help. We should adopt them instead of breeding more. It’s selfish to force an animal into pregnancy just so you can make money or pass his/her genes on. No animal enjoys pregnancy or giving birth. They would rather skip it.

    <3 Bailey Sunshine's mommy (from her Sniffstrong: Bailey Sunshine's Cancer Story page on FB)

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