Thursday Spotlight – Amy Donald

Name: Amy Donald

Origin: Ontario

Years In Fort McMurray: just over three

Animals: Raisin – husky/shepherd cross – approximately 12 Mags – lab cross – approximately 8 Noah – tabby – 13 Jake – tabby – approximately 13 Zango (foster) tabby – senior

Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s):
Raisin – Raisin likes to sleep on the couch.  Sometimes she moans and rolls around and sleeps upside down.  It’s quite funny, I’ll attach a picture.  Raisin loves car rides and going to for walks.  She likes to walk in the water, but will not swim.  She love, love, loves peanut butter in her Kong.  Se also likes when we have fires in the back yard, she sits close…I think she likes the warmth on her old bones.  Raisin likes to make noises when she yawns…she just started doing this, she is so silly. She loves to be brushed.  She will let me brush her for hours.  We bought the dyson pet vacuum because it has a brush attachment, she follows me around when I vacuum so I don’t forget about her.  We adopted Raisin in December of 2010.  She was a senior then and broke our hearts that she was at the SPCA.  She had been there for over 8 months when we adopted her.

Mags – Mags is super hyper active.  I had a lab growing up, and he was nothing like Mags.  She never stops…. until she sleeps.  And she sleeps hard, snore the roof right off the house sometimes.  She too, is from the Fort McMurray SPCA.  She was there, 8 months when we brought her home.  Mags loves to roll in things, especially the snow and the wet grass.  Sometimes she will put her front arms under her so her chest is on the ground, and will ouch herself along. Mags will not let me brush her or cut her toenails.  She runs away.

Noah – I got Noah as a kitten.  Noah is a little snuggle bug at bed time.  He loves to go under the covers where it’s nice and warm.  He will sleep there all night long.  He drools when he’s happy.  When I was in school, Noah and I stayed with my parents, who had a dog and a cat.  When Noah and I moved, he was soooo lonely.  So lonely that I had to carry him everywhere.  I had to brush my teeth with him on my shoulder, cook my supper with him on my shoulder.  I thought, Geez, I can’t do this forever, I’d better get him a friend.  So I called the Brampton Humane Society and told them I was looking for an active cat.  We set up a date and time for me to go and meet the active cats. Noah is a member of the PAWS team in Fort McMurray. The entire time I was there, one cat didn’t stop running through the tunnel….that was Jake.

Jake – I adopted Jake in 2003.  He was trouble when we brought him home.  Every single day, for about 3 weeks, he would spread every single item from the recycle box all over the house.  He also use to rip the rolls of toilet paper into chunks, and cardboard boxes…he would sit in them and rip pieces off.  He also used to pull all the kleenex out of the kleenex boxes.  Thank goodness he has outgrown that.  Jake likes to antagonize the dogs….and us as well.  If you try to walk down the hallway, he will make sure he is in front of you, but will zig zag down the hall so there is no possible way for you to go around him.  With the dogs, he will run and stop in front of them.  I don’t know why, but they will not walk past him, they will just stand there and cry.  Jake also takes pride in clearing everything off the table for you.  Lamp? That doesn’t need to be on the table.  Remote?  Nope, that either.  He will sit and stare at you and he touches things until they fall over.

Zango – Each time I checked the SPCA website Zango was always there, looking for a home.  He is so old and he was there for nearly 2 years.  I asked if we could foster him.  It broke my heart that he was there for so long.  We brought him home about 5 months ago.  I set him up in his own bedroom in the beginning, as he had been in a cage for nearly 2 years.  He stayed on the bed for 2 days, then progressed to the floor.  After a week he was sitting at the doorway.  After 2 weeks he was ready to explore the kitchen, then the livingroom.  Now, he is part of the family.  He is the biggest suck.  He loves to sit on your lap when you watch tv.  He drools when he is happy.  I noticed a couple of weeks ago he has started purring.  He and Noah are best buddies.

Thoughts on Adopting: It bothers me when people do not spay or neuter their pets.  There are so many unwanted animals in the world already, why create more?  I can’t imagine having a pet and just packing up and leaving.  What must the poor animal be thinking??  I love my animals so much, they are my children.  I am so happy we adopted each and every one.  I can honestly say, I don’t think I will ever own a puppy or kitten again.  The animals we have adopted can certainly have their challenges, but I wouldn’t change  a thing.

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