FMSPCA Friday- Pitbull FunShow

Want something to do in June? Head to the Frank Lacroix Area for a one of a kind PITBULL FUN SHOW – If you have a Pitbull or a Pitbull Mix, Bring them down from 10am-5pm on June 29th, 2013. Everyone is encouraged to attend even if you dont have a PitBull, theres going to be vendors, a dog show and much more! I happen to have a booth there, so if you enjoy reading my blog, come stop by my booth for some Confessions Of A Rescue Mom Free SWAG and meet my dog Rolo! You can also Fill in a interview and be featured on my blog!
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I have asked Jessica Day (the organizer for this event) to write about why she started the Pitbull Awareness Campaign:

“Well my love for animals especially dogs dated back to before I was born (I get it from my dad’s side of the family), I feel so much of an inner connection with them! Before I got pitbulls I never in my mind thought I would have one let alone two (and I wouldn’t change it for the world – they are my babies) & honestly I was scared of them but my boyfriend introduced me to them & I fell in-love! They have the most gentle souls, the most expressional eyes and always eager to please, how can you pass on knowing such a lovely breed? But unfortunately they are the ones to get the bad rep. :( because they are so misunderstood. I’ve searched deep down for so long to find a way to help and as much as it breaks my heart, I’m unable to help them all, so I’ve decided I would start by dedicating a day to the pitbull breed here in Fort McMurray. A day where no one can wrongly judge them & they can relax!I’m hoping that the Pitbull Fun Show is a big enough success that we can have an annual one every year and hopefully forms a lifelong group :) I encourage everyone to come by, even people that believe the stereotype, to see truly how wonderful they really are”

She would like to thank the support of the community through the fundraisers we have had & future ones! Without you we would not be able to make this day happen. Also we are looking for volunteers for June 29th, so if you would like to help out in anyway feel free to contact me :)

Bring your family and sportsmanship to our 1st Annual Pitbull Walk and Fun Show —- Come support the Pitbull breed!

-Event for All pitbulls & pitbull mixes reg. or non-reg. ONLY
-Admission is by donation.
-Show fees are $3 min. per pooch per category.
-All proceeds will go to our local SPCA and Pitbull Rescues of Alberta.
-1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons to winners.
-Free face painting for kids.
-Free grooming for dogs, “ears & nails”.
-Food and Drinks will be available at canteen.
-YELLOWDOG will be supported at show and walk.

-Puppy Class – Ages 4 mths to 1 yr
-Prettiest Female – Ages 1 yr +
-Most Handsome Male – Ages 1yr +
-Best Veteran – Ages 7 yrs +
-Best Reg. (Must be Reg. with a Kennel Club) – Ages 1 yr +
-Best Unregistered – Ages 1 yr +
-Best Rescue – All ages
-Best Trick – All ages
-Best Treat Catcher – All ages
-Dog that looks most like its owner – All ages
-Best Dancing Pooch – All ages
-Pooch Judges would most likely take home.
-Judges Favorites (must win a 1st or 2nd Ribbon) – All ages
-Best in Show (top 1st place winners)

We reserve the right to refuse entry to show site/grounds and will remove anyone with irresponsible behavior.
-ALL Owners are held responsible for their own dogs.
-Watch your Children & Keep the Show Site Clean.
-ALL dogs must be on 4ft leads at all times (it is recommended if you’re going to be there all day to bring a kennel).
-Please clean up after your dog.
-NO puppies under 4 months of age.
-NO animal sales.
-NO ‘’facing-off’’ the dogs NO ‘’challenges’’.
-NO alcoholic beverages on site.
-NO inappropriate and/or disruptive
-NO behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct.
– Respect all YELLOWDOG – some dogs need space.

Registration will be available on day of show, between 10am & 11am. Dog walk will start at 10:30am. Fun show starts at 11:30am. For pre-registration, table rentals or any other questions please contact the Show Organizers at: or
or on Facebook at Pit Bull Awareness Day ~ Fort McMurray
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