Thursday Spotlight – Mari-Lee Paluszak

Name: Mari-Lee Paluszak & Carl Flaro

-Origin: Brooks and Medicine Hat

-Years in Fort McMurray:  3 years


Daisy Duke – Siberian Husky – 8 years old

Pepper – Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler Cross – 6 years old

-Interesting facts about your Animal(s):

Daisy likes to get into the garbage can.  She has a habit of hiding her treats in the open and much to her dismay Pepper finds them. Daisy also likes to go Quading. As anyone knows, Huskies like to back talk and that she does.

Pepper is obsessed with toys and would play fetch 24/7 if you let her.  Pepper has this strange ritual when we go to bed; she sticks her head under the bed.  She use to crawl under it, but now she is too big.

Pepper is smaller than Daisy, yet Pepper takes Daisy on.  Daisy had to be taken to vet for a tear to her ear.  It is quite frightening when your dog’s fight and you try to get them apart.

Both Daisy & Peppers are sensitive to your feelings.  When I am feeling depressed they want to be with you and comfort you.

-Perspective on adopting a rescue:  Pepper was our rescue dog.  She did not come from a shelter.  My son and his girlfriend at the time got a puppy against our advice.  They were living on his grandfather’s farm.  Then they moved to Calgary.  I found out Pepper was left out on the farm.  His grandfather said he would look after her. Knowing the kind of man he was with animals, I knew this was not good.  No one was on the farm.  She was left tied up.  January 2007 Carl and I drove from Medicine Hat to Lomond in a blizzard and -35 to get her.  It took us 3.5 hours to get there.  When we arrived, she had no bedding, no food and no water.  She was so happy to see us.  She became ours and she was spayed a week later.  It took her a long time to get over the separation anxiety with us.

-Favorite quote: Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. – Anatole France

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