Tuesday Spotlight- Koralee Samaroden

(I took this blurb from the 4 paws website :))

Todays interview is with Koralee Samaroden and she is the owner of 4 Paws Training and has been instructing agility for 12 years.  She competed with her Poodle cross, Teddy for 9 years (he is now 15 yrs old and retired from competition). She competed at the 2003 North American Dog Agility Championships with Teddy, finishing sixth in individual and first with her team in the pre-elite division.  Koralee is now competing with her 6-year-old Border Collie Ember and her 3-year-old border collie, Karma.  Koralee, Ember, and Karma are also members of the PAWs for people (Pets and Wellness Pet Therapy) program.  Koralee is a certified Trick Dog Instructor, through “Do More With Your Dog”.  Koralee regularly attends training opportunities to enhance her teaching and handling skills.

I have also seen Karma and Ember compete at the Bow Wow Beauties contest and they are amazing with so many great tricks, my favorite was when Koralee sneezed and one of her dogs grabbed a tissue from the tissue box. HALARIOUS!

If your interested in teaching your animal new tricks, obedience checkout their website, you can also host your animals birthday there:

Name: Koralee Samaroden

Origin: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Years in Fort McMurray: 40 years

Animal(s) (name, breed, age): Ember Capri, Border Collie, 8 years; Karma Delphi, Border Collie, 4 years; Rizzo Mara, Mix, 6 months

Interesting facts about your Animal(s): Their middle names are after places that I visited and loved (Capri – Island of Capri in Italy; Delphi in Greece; Mara a river I canoed in Nunavut.) Ember and Karma are pet therapy dogs.

Perspective on adopting a rescue: They need love and trust. Sometimes the right dog, comes into your life – Rizzo is my rescue dog!

Favorite quote: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

Last words: I started 4 Paws Dog Training to assist others with training their dogs. I love teaching Agility and Tricks. Anything is possible with patience, practice, persistence and praise.