Traveling with Rolo plus a few tips

I want to talk about what’s its like traveling with a dog and how I make it fun for Rolo. If you’re like me, your pet is your child. I am always traveling with Rolo whether it is to work every day, on a
trip out of town or camping. Rolo’s most favorite spot to be is in my SUV, he would live in there if he could.  I am very fortunate to not have a dog that gets car sick, or is constantly moving around in the car.  I have the seat put down in the SUV and he has a blanket where he sits, and he doesn’t move from it until we stop. When we are traveling long distances, I let him out at every pit stop (getting gas, pee break or snack break) Another reason he likes to travel is he knows he gets to go to Petsmart in Edmonton, one of his favorite stores in the City. He could spend hours in there smelling every single item, and even try to sneak some bones from the bottom shelf (he doesn’t get away with this though) I am also lucky that rolo is a super mellow dog, which is another reason why its great taking him on trips, because he doesn’t mind staying in the hotel while we go; out for dinner, shop etc. I always make sure to check back on him and let him out to run around and have a pee break. One the plus side also… Rolo doesn’t Bark!

164484_10151327874628531_329149608_nIn the almost 2 years we have had him he has been to Southern BC, Jasper x3 , Edmonton over 10 times and a few other places. He has stayed in plenty of hotels and we have a few of our favorite places to stay including: Amethyst Lodge in Jasper (not a super fancy hotel BUT the hotel rooms are huge for him to be in while we are out), Royal West Edmonton Inn (they give you a treat bag, as well as have decent sized rooms for Rolo) and if we feel like getting super fancy we like Jasper park lodge. This past weekend was my Bridal Shower/Wedding dress shopping trip to Edmonton with my family & friends and of course Rolo came along. We stayed at the Sawridge Edmonton South which was in a good area of town to what we needed to do that weekend. This hotel is also great because it’s located right beside a big field.

A few tips for making your trip with an animal a positive trip:
-Bring treats (quite a few!)
-Bring a few water bottles and a bowl for pit stops as keeping your pet hydrated is crucial
-Bring toys to keep them occupied (if you’re like Rolo, treats are only necessary)
-Before booking a hotel, ask if they accept pets and what the pet fee per night is.
-Let your pet out every pit stop even if they don’t need a pee break
-Bring 2 leashes and 2 collars, in case you lose one

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