FMSPCA Annual Bike Auction 2013 [RECAP]

IWood Buffalo-20130511-02222t was such a beautiful day out for a bike auction. I would say in attendance there was between 50-70 people through-out the 4 hour auction. Many burgers and hot dogs were consumed by everyone except me.. I’m a vegetarian LOL! My volunteer job for the day was the handout information on bike safety, also make people enter a draw to win 1/5 bike helmets also 1/5 bike bells!


I also made little animal treat handouts with my blog business card in them and my new custom blog pens! I think they were a hit and I only had about 10 left over. I dont think any bikes were left over from the auction so that’s a good sign. It was also nice that all of the dogs were outside in the dog runs, so people could go see them, I even had someone come up and ask me about one of the dogs and how to go about adopting it :) I havent heard the total raised yet but I hope its a decent amount :) See you all next year!!

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