Tuesday Spotlight – Walterine Lukeman

Name: Walterine Lukeman

Origin: Rose Blanche Newfoundland .

Years in Fort McMurray: Been here 4 years past January

Animal(s) (name, age, and breed):
1st cat: Lelo
3 years old
don’t know what kind. But he’s got a large bone structure and looks huge beside my other cat He hates seeing the suitcase. Get super sooky. He has claimed the bed in the spare room and is not a fan when he has to share. Comes running as soon as he hears a window open. Does not like the outdoors. Sometimes allows my 2nd little cat to push him around.

Favorite Treat: is meow mix wet cat food in the orange cups and will only eat the fish flavors. Won’t eat any dried treats like temptations

Favorite Trick: doesn’t do tricks unless you count getting up on the middle shelf in my bedroom closet and scaring me when I walk in.

2nd cat: Bella
2 years old. Not sure breed. Short cat. Little legs. Super cute Bella runs when you go to the bathroom as she likes to drink from the tap. Loves to cuddle. Will lie on you no matter how you sleep on bed. For first year she slept on my pillow in bed. Scared of kids.

Favorite Treat: same as lelo

Favorite Trick: look cute. Lol

Perspective on Adopting a Rescue: I think adopting a rescue is great. Gives them a chance to be loved, Fed, and played with, Comfy. Everybody needs to be loved.

Bella loves hockey Bella lelo and bella lelo and his pillow lelo loves laundry Lelo posing Lelo