Why did we create our blog?

The reasoning behind the launch of “Confessions of a Rescue Mom”

I have always been into social media, marketing and animals. I kick myself in the butt for not starting my blog earlier but this is a great time in my life where I can visit the shelter lots, meet local volunteers and of course try to attend all of the FMSPCA fundraisers. Let’s go back…25 years and make our way to the present.

I was born an only child and didn’t get step siblings till about grade 12. I have always loved animals especially dogs. I have had my fair share of pets growing up but the only animal I have presently is, Rolo; a former FMSPCA resident and my poster boy for CoaRM-Blog. I have always been taught that animals are family not just “pets” and if you have ever met me YOU KNOW how I am with animals.

November 8, 2006 was the worst days of my life.  I got the phone call from my father saying that they had to put down our family dog. Sparky-Lee was there from when I was a small girl until this day. She was my sister, my friend and most of all a big part of my life. I was living in camp north of Fort McMurray and didn’t leave my camp room for a few days after finding this news out. Loosing someone who you spent your whole life with is not something to get over in a few hours. I got a memorial tattoo on my foot with a paw print (only has 3 toes as sparky was missing 1 on her back foot) and it also has her name. I’m reminded every time I look down at it how special she was to me. I also got her cremated and keep her in my bedside table.

I have always donated to the FMSPCA, whether its bottles, purchasing items, putting change in the donation boxes at gas stations or attending events.

Let’s skip to the year 2011

christmas donationsAfter purchasing our first home in Fort McMurray we immediately went to the local FMSPCA to start looking for our perfect pet that fit our lifestyle. After a week or two of searching we found him. Apollo was his name (which we changed to Rolo) He was a shy, scared, timid dog who didn’t bark or jump. Actually he didn’t really do much except sit there.  We both worked lots so we figured this would be great as he wouldn’t be bouncing off the walls while we weren’t there. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy so I believe it was the pills he was on making him act all mellow. We brought him home and it took a few good months until he was starting to get used to us. To this day he did a complete 180 and he continues to surprise me daily. He has completed the PAWS course, which means he is now a licenced pet therapy dog. He can visit people at the schools, hospital and rotary house. Rolo now also goes to work with me every day and plays with the other dogs out here.

After adopting Rolo I started attending more and more FMSPCA events, and then gradually went to getting items for them to auction off at fundraisers, to volunteering at events when I was free and also doing some online networking to promote events, volunteering and wish list items they needed. When I have a passion I like to share it with the world, which is why I started my blog. March 11th it launched and as of today (May 15th) there has been over 1700 views. I know that social media works and I believe that my blog can help out the FMSPCA in many ways. It also gives tips, recipes and a look inside the lives of local animal lovers and why they love animals.  My goal with the blog is simple; spreading my passion for animals with everyone, hoping that they too will start volunteering, donating and adopting.

FUN FACTS: Did I mention that I competed in the Miss Wood Buffalo Pageant?? A pageant where you can become an ambassador for the FMSPCA. I got up on stage and strutted my love for the animals. I only lost the pageant by .5 of a point! We also were asked to raise money for the FMSPCA so I held some fundraisers which ended up raising over $3500 for the FMSPCA. I also won the title of “Miss Big Spirit”. Last Christmas me and Rolo took donations for a month of items on the FMSPCA wish list, we presented a huge cart full of items to the FMSPCA at the Tree of Lights, Lighting. (photo above)

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