Thursday Spotlight – Misty Preshyon-Snook

Name: Misty Preshyon-Snook

Origin: I’m from Newfoundland

Years in Fort McMurray: 12 years

Animals: Snow pit bull/ boxer, Katie cocker, lent cat

Interesting facts about lent: I got her from the SPCA. He loves to talk to me. I’ll ask him how he is and he will meow but it sounds like he is saying fine. I tell him I love him and he licks the end off nose as to say me too. He loves his temptation treats. I shake the bag and he cones running. Katie is my 18 year old girl. I actually didn’t have her from a puppy. A family in fort sask owned her and their child developed an allergy. They were going to take her to the SPCA. Through a mutual friend I found out and drove down to get her. She captured my heart in a moment. She completed doggy obedience school, she sits, speaks, tells me she loves me, will stay at the door until u say free. Now she is deaf and understands sign language. Her favorite treat is anything human food wise lol. Snow is my 6 month old pit bull/ boxer. I found an ad on kijiji. I picked her up in a town outside Edmonton. When I got her she was just short of 8 weeks. She could stand, her nails were grown out and under her paws, and she didn’t know how to eat or drink well. I feel like I saved her. She is very smart. She will sit, lay down and when I say bad girl she sucks up. She loves to cuddle under my arm and sleep that way. She loves peanut butter.

Favorite quote: “don’t judge a breed on stories. Your pet is only as good as its owner”.

katie lent snow