Tuesday Spotlight – Jai-Lynn Trueman

Up next is my youngest interview so far with a girl that happens to be one of my pageant beauties!! :) JAI-LYNN

*Name: Jai-Lynn Trueman, 7 years old

*Origin: Lower Sackville NS (Halifax)

*Years In Fort McMurray: Almost 3 years

*Animal(s) (age, breed, name):
Kilo, Chihuahua, 7 years
Kloee, Chihuahua, 3 years old

*Interesting Facts about your animal(s):
Kiloo is Kloee’s mom, and she can jump really high
Kloee is spotted like a cow, but she likes to sit on your neck like a parrot
They both traveled to Fort McMurray in a car all the way from NS, so they have seen almost all of Canada!

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick: Their favorite tricks are giving kisses, jumping for treats, and walking on their hind legs!

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue: I think people should adopt an animal because they are living things that deserve to have a home and a family! I would like to have more pets but we only have time for our two doggies right now! They are a lot of work, you have to feed them, take them out to pee, walk them and play with them! You have to train them too, and pick up their pooh!

*Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is All dogs go to heaven!

Ps I love animals I want to be a veterinarian, mom and I walk the dogs and visit the cats at the SPCA so even if you can’t adopt spending time with the animals is fun for us and the lonely cats and dogs. I’ve also asked mommy to help me raise some money for the SPCA over the summer, and she said yes!