Thursday Spotlight – Nicole Rumbolt

*Name: Nicole Rumbolt

*Origin: Fort McMurray*Years In Fort McMurray: 23

*Animal(s) (age, breed, name): Twitch , male domestic medium haired cat, 1.5 years

*Interesting Facts about your animal(s): He has been with us since he was a kitten at 8 weeks old. He turned into the big baby of the family and is spoiled ALOT. Who doesn’t spoil there animals right?! haha. Some interesting things about Twitch is that you CANNOT go into the bathroom without him. He will sit at the door and cry angrily until you let him in. He loves to sit in the windows and watch the neighborhood. He is very playful, and is one of those cats that will run around your house like a maniac all hours of the morning.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat: Temptations for sure, he will meow at the treat cupboard until you give him some. Also addicted to the nip.

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick: One thing he is awesome at and loves to do is knock everything off the counters or whatever surface high up that he is standing on. We don’t consider it a trick but I think he does.

*Animal(s) (age, breed, name): Summit, male Siberian Husky, 1 Year old on June 7th!!

*Interesting Facts about your animal(s): Summit is a very affectionate dog, he has to be near you at all times when your home. Like most husky’s he is very vocal and loves to speak to us. He lets you know when he wants to play. Him and his brother twitch play all day long at home. Its a love hate relationship in our house haha, we like to think its more love though. Summit is also one of the most playful dogs I know, he gets along with EVERYONE and everything.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat: His favorite treat is Carrots, but he will also eat anything.

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick: Summits Favorite trick and the first one he learned is to High Five. He stands up on his back legs and will give you a high five. He is also good at sitting and waiting for his treat. We will place the treat very far away and make him wait.

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue: I have a lot of respect for people who rescue animals. It takes dedication and patience to take an animal into your home and love it. Even if the animal may have issues that you need to help them work through. Summit came from a breeder but our boy Twitch I feel like we rescued. He was an accidental litter and he needed to find a home.

*Favorite Quote: “Sometimes the greatest things are the most embarrassing.” – Ellen DeGeneres

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