Thursday Spotlight- Genine Monych

*Name: Genine Monych

*Origin: Canadian – Vancouver Island, BC

*Years in FM: 5 years come August

*Animals: Bella, from a breeder (purchased at a pet store I worked at while I was a teen) 6 years 9 months, Long-haired Minature Dachshund
Lola, from the FMSPCA, 5.5 months, Shepard Cross

*Interesting facts: Bella prefers attention from humans, she goes to the dog park for pets not playing. It only took Lola one week to correct her fast eating habits and recognize her daily routine and schedule.

*Favorite Treat: Bella LOVES Beef Jerky, dog or human kind. If you leave a full bag unattended for a matter of minutes, it will be torn apart and devoured.
Lola has only been with us two weeks but she sure does LOVE her pigs ears when she is put in her kennel for the night!!

*Animals Favorite Trick: Bella loves to roll over, she does it without being asked just to ensure she gets a treat!
Lola is just starting to learn tricks but so far she is really good at sit and getting better at fetching!

*Perspective on adopting a rescue: Especially in a town like Fort McMurray you see A LOT of purebred dogs so many that I find out about new breeds all the time, but you also come across a lot of impulsive animal owners. Someone who is lonely because all they do is work so they get an dog as a companion only to leave it alone. I wanted to be able to give a dog a second chance at the life it deserved. I have done the pure bred thing in the past with my first dog, and she is great, I love her and if given a chance for a do-over, I would still have gotten her, but I don’t think rescues and mix breed dogs are considered off the top when most people are looking for something that suits their needs or wants. When we decided to look for a second dog I told my husband that I wanted to adopt not shop, he was hesitant because just like everyone else he had the idea of what he wanted in his head and also didn’t want an adult. Well with one simple look of the website I was able to find exactly what he and I wanted! We couldn’t of asked for a smarter pup. And the instant love and appreciation she had for us made us know we had made the right decision!

*Favorite Quote: You cannot get ahead by holding yourself back.

Bella Groomed Bella Hotdog Bella Sweater Bella Lola and Bella Day 1 Lola and Bella Lola and her Daddy Lola Cute Lola Playing Tug Lola