Let’s Go Camping with a Dog



CAMPING WITH A DOG, Some may not feel comfortable doing so, but I wouldnt have it any other way! I have always been a camper, I love the outdoors; camping, fishing, hiking.. Even though I dont have time to do all of those anymore I still enjoy them when I can. Last weekend we took Rolo out on another camping trip. We headed to Grist lake with some family which is a very remote place down a 70km long dirt/muddy/rutty road. There’s alot I do to prep for a camping trip with a dog, not just because my dog eats a special diet, or takes pills twice a day, but I like to make him feel comfortable because if he doesn’t, he wont eat, use the washroom or anything…just mope around.

As Rolo is getting older he takes joint powder on his food in the morning. So I took sandwich bags and pre made his food, one for morning with the powder and one for night just plain dog food. I also made sure I packed his pills along with cheese so he could take them. In his bag I also packed a extra leash, poop bags, dog bug spray from Bone & Biscuit , a bunch of treats, 2 bowls, water and a blanket to lay on for the dirt. High maintenance? Momma’s Boy? just a little. :) We just got a new truck and the back seat had this weird bench so Rolo didn’t have enough room to lay down (from the photo it doesn’t look like he has room at all but did) My Father-in-law custom built a platform for Rolo’s bed to go on, we put a blanket on the back seat (that was folded up) So it didn’t get covered with the massive amount of hair Rolo sheds.

LAYING ON BLANKETAs you can see from the photo I have brought a blanket with me so he isnt laying on the ground, He did fall asleep on the ground and woke up with a ton of dirt in his mouth YUCK! Also his water dish (behind him) was replenished frequently to keep him hydrated. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! It ALSO happened to be Rolo’s 10th Birthday on Sunday (June 23rd) It marks 2 years that Rolo has been in our lives. I am so happy to be the Rescue Mom for the most amazing dog who has come down a very long path. Rolo when we 1st got him was nothing like what he is now. “Never judge a dog by how they act in their kennels, with a ton of love they can become your true companions”

I went to Bone & Biscuit and picked up a cake…they only had pink but rolo doesn’t see colors anyways… I also got him a bandana (which the donation goes to the FMSPCA, they are selling them until the end of July so go and get one) And he also got 3 other different bags of treats. CAKE

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