Thursday Spotlight – Darla Joubert

I actually remember willow when she was at the shelter, except her name was marula :) I think it was around the same time Rolo was there.

*Name: Darla Joubert

*Origin: born and raised in Fort McMurray

*Animal(s) (age, breed, name): Willow 2yrs Shepard cross, Bohdi 1yr Husky Cross

*Interesting Facts about your animal(s): my dogs are my kids  . Me and my husband loves them like crazy. I fell in love with willows pictures on the SPCA website she was so cute with her big ears and we adopted her aug 2011 an she was the best dog, trained and well behave then a yr later we decided to get a friend for willow and we adopted Bohdi again I fell in love with the picture on the SPCA website. They two dogs are best friends and could not be more different Willow is hyper,  tall and Skinny Bohdi is more relaxed, short and stocky.  They love walks and love to play fight with each other.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat: Denta sticks

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick: Lay down

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue: I think everyone should adopt if you can’t have a dog get a cat they will complete your life :)

*Favorite Quote: dogs are the only things that will love you more then themselves

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