FMSPCA FRIDAY- Isabella Paws Fund

What is the Isabella Paws Fund?
The FMSPCA created a special fund for injured, abused and neglected animals. This was started just a few days after the 1st annual walk to end animal abuse. There has been many cases where the FMSPCA has turned to this fund for the well-being of animals who have required intensive surgery and medical costs. The name comes from an 11 week old puppy who showed a horrible case of animal abuse. Isabella also known as Izzy is an adorable dog full of life. If you seen a photo of her in her casts and compared it to how she acts now, you never would have thought that anything this bad has happened to her.

There have been many cases of animal abuse in Fort McMurray just to name a few:
-Oscar, a cat who was found in a dumpster by safe way.
-Asia, a dog who was also found in a dumpster with her legs bound.
-Isabella, a dog who had injury up on injury to her little 11 week old body
-Cricket, abandoned by its owner and lost 50% of its body weight and also developed liver issues
-6 sled dogs, living in substandard conditions and some were under weight and suffering from various health problems.
-2 kittens locked in a kennel thrown on the side of tower road.
-5 puppies (1-2 weeks old) diseased found in a dumpster. The bag looked like it was ran over
-newest case “Triumph” a husky who was brought it with buckshot’s all throughout his body and a broken leg (it had to be amputated) Triumph is in such great spirits and I got to meet him last weekend!

Some photos of the animals below:
asia baby asia older
This is Asia as a baby and Asia now! (photo above)

Dear Cricket, RIP.

isabella small
This is Isabella after her 1st cast, check out the photo at the top of the page of Izzy NOW (photo above)

Meet Oscar (photo above)

This is Triumph after his surgery, Look at that SMILE! (photo above)

There are a few ways that you can contribute to the Isabella Paws fund:
-Take part/pledge in the walk to end animal abuse every year (in april), all monies raised are put into
the isabella paws fund
– donate online anytime:
-collect pennies and bring them to the shelter (155 macalpine crescent)
-bring your bottles to the green depot in taiganova park under the FMSPCA account or bring your bottles to the shelter.

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