Tuesday Spotlight – Sarah Anderson

*Name: Sarah Anderson

*Origin: Canadian

*Years in Fort Mac: 5

*Animal: Marley is a male Golden Retriever aprox age 9. Not exactly sure his age because his previous owners did not give info on him.

*Interesting Facts: We adopted Marley 4 years ago. Marley was just wanting to be loved. He is so obedient and kind. He is always by my side and will even walk without a leash and stay next to me. He has never shown any aggression to me or my children. My kids (age 3 and 1) adore Marley. I have 100% trust in him and know he would never harm them. He lets them dress him up LOL, lay on him, hand feed him and climb all over him as young children do. He truly is a part of our family.

*Animal Favorite Treat: You can catch Marley going through the Tim Hortons drive thru with his head hung out the window waiting for his favorite treat “A Timbit”

*Animal favorite trick: He loves to play dead. I hold out my fingers like a gun and pretend to shoot him. When I fake pull the trigger, he lays down and rolls over as if he were shot.

*Perspective on adopting a rescue: Its the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. He thanks me everyday with his love and companionship. He is my true loyal friend. We rescued Marley here in Fort McMurray 4 years ago but really he rescued us. He is such a blessing and we love him so much.

*Favorite Quote: people who say “Money can’t buy you happiness” have never paid an adoption fee.

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