Vacationing Without Your Pets

img_0794I am the kind of girl who loves to spend time with animals, at work I am surrounded by; a chocolate lab, a black lab, a yellow lab,  a jack russell terrier and another black lab and of course Rolo. When you attach yourself to an animal it’s very hard to leave them. I have only left Rolo twice in 2 years as he usually comes with me anytime I head out-of-town. We will be heading on Vacation and as happy as I am to leave to the city of bright lights and slushie drinks (aka VEGAS) I’m very scared/sad to leave Rolo behind.  Me and Rolo have a very special bond that took a really long time to get and I would do anything to make sure he is comfortable and well taken care of. When you have a special needs animal you believe you are the only one who can take care of them properly. You understand every move of their eyebrows, every squeak, every bum wiggle and every time they try to paw you. It’s very hard for me to let anyone watch him as I am a very over protective mom and I mean VERY.

If I am ever to leave Rolo at home while I go do errands or have a meeting I always make sure I give him a big kiss, hug, tell him I love him and also that I will be back later. I am all about routine, even if he can’t understand what I am saying  he knows what once I do all those things I will return to him again. Rolo can tell when I am leaving, usually it’s when he hears the jingle of the keys he bolts to the stair landing to see if he is going to go with me. This time as I was packing he was sitting there with his sad eyes, they remind me of puss and boots sad eyes! Also when the pet sitters came over for a tour he was acting like a little baby, putting his head down and acting shy. He defiantly knew something was up!

How am I going to cope with my Animal Separation Anxiety you ask?
a bunch of alcoholic slushie drinks? sugar?  keeping myself extremely busy?  ALSO I will skype Rolo in the middle of our trip so he knows I am okay.

We know there are a few options when it comes to where your pet will stay while you are gone:
-FAMILY/FRIENDS: We  live on the opposite side of town from family/friends so that was not a good option for us as I NEED to make sure Rolo gets his pills twice a day. No pills means he will have a seizure and that is unacceptable.
-KENNELS: Rolo likes quiet time, sleeping and not being in a barking environment so this was not a good option for him also as he gets stressed out easily, and stress leads to seizures.
-PETSITTERS: We choose this option because I know the owner of a local pet sitting business in town. They take all of their clients seriously and treat all animals over and above your expectations. If you are in Fort McMurray I would be happy to give you some names of great pet sitters in town. Contact us (info below)

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