Since You Left Me

208356_4165443530_6102_nThere comes a time in everyone’s life when you no longer are greeted at the door, your passenger seat is no longer full, your foot of the bed is empty, no matter what it’s always good to look at the positive as much as it hurts.I grew up in a  country town called Merritt, BC (country capital of Canada) with only a sister. This sisters name was Sparky-Lee; she had 4 legs, one missing toe, fur and a heart of gold. I was lucky to grow up with a dog and have such a special connection with her. Sparky was a rescue dog that my parents brought home to me when I was young and I am ever so grateful for them bringing her to me.


Sparky lived in Merritt for many years before moving to Prince George with my family. After I graduated I went away to work in the oilfields of Fort McMurray. This took a big toll on Sparkys life, and even though she was old I still blame myself for leaving her. Each time I would head back up for another shift her health would get worse and worse. Every time I would return she acted as if she was a puppy again and she would have no problems at all. This went on for a few years. I made sure that every time I left to go back to work I would tell her I woudl always be here for her, loved her to the moon and back and that I would see her soon. Little did I know this time it would be the last time.

One day I get a phone call from my dad saying that Sparky had been put down, there wasn’t anything else they could do for her and she would be much happier at the Rainbow bridge. I was mad, sad, missed work and didn’t leave my camp room for a few days. I ended up getting my dog cremated and picked her up next days off. It was well worth the few hundred dollar it cost. To this day I still have her in my bedside table along with photos in my bedroom. I ended up getting an memorial tattoo on my foot to remind me everyday of our bond.

I cannot show anyone how much pain it caused me losing her, but I will never let that fear of losing another dog stop me from getting another one. A bond between an animal and its owner is unlike anything you can have. I will be forever grateful for any animal to enter my life until the day I can reunite with all of them at the Rainbow Bridge, I know I got a whole team waiting up there, from fish to a rat and a rabbit! I want Sparky to know that I will keep promoting adoption, volunteering, fostering, donating and our story of our special bond. I MISS YOU BABY GIRL R.I.P November 6th, 2008

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