Tuesday Spotlight – Terri Ward

*Name:Terri Ward

*Origin: Newfoundland

*Years in Fort McMurray:5

*Animals:1 1/2 years, female puggle, Beckett

*Interesting fact: I adopted Beckett from the Fort McMurray SPCA in September 2012 she was a rescue with a broken leg, she broke her front right leg and had a pin in the bone my husband has the exact same injury in the exact same spot.

*Animals favorite treat: Pig’s ears, and peanut butter

*Animals favorite trick: High five and dance

*Perspective on adopting: it is incredibly rewarding, I always say that Beckett choose us because as soon as I seem her I melted and she put her little head in my hands and I cried, I knew that she had to come home with me, animals who are rescued and so much more love able they understand that YOU are the reason that they are alive and well because you decided to visit a shelter and adopt rather than shop. I also highly recommend fostering, it’s so wonderful to open up your home to a dog in need I’ve had up to 8 dogs in my house at once and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been! Lol

*Quote: adopt don’t shop.
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