Paws For A Cause Event 2013

What is Paws for a cause you ask? Well I only found out about this the other day and I’m surprised I didn’t know sooner as I love attending events that raise funds for the FMSPCA. A friend of mine tagged me in a posts from “Lucky Dragon Tattoo” I was intrigued to find out what it is. I checked out their facebook page to find out that they are doing Paw Print Tattoos with a name for $100 TODAY from 11am-9pm. 50% of funds raised will be donated to the FMSPCA. There was no way I was going to miss this. I have a paw print on my foot as a reminder of my dog Sparky-Lee who had passed away (there are only 3 toes because she was missing on toe on her back foot – I also drew the paw). (Photo Below when the tattoo was still new so it’s still a little red & tender)

sparky leeI took some time thinking about where I would get this new paw print. I have 4 tattoos at the moment. 2 Memorial and 2 Chinese symbols (actually 3 symbols) The one I have on my wrist is one I have been wanting to get covered up or removed. I still don’t know what I would like put on it but I will figure that out at a later date. Another symbol that I have on my back shoulder is just small and is smudging probably due to a poor artist. After a loooong time deciding I think I will get it on my shoulder-blade over the old Chinese symbol. I know there is a chance that you may still see the symbol through the new tattoo but I have heard you just may need to get it colored in more than once, which I am fine with.

If you live in Fort McMurray, Love your animal and love supporting a great cause head on down to lucky dragon tattoo today (August 9th) from 11am-9pm for a Paw Print tattoo!! They are located at 8116 Manning Avenue (I believe upstairs) (780) 750-5626

Will post some photos next week about me and some friends getting Paw Prints!

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