Paws For A Cause [Tattoo Edition]

I posted last Friday about how I was going down to get inked for a cause.. half of all tattoo costs were donated to the FMSPCA.  I wouldn’t miss this opportunity! I waited 2 hours to get in and it was well worth the wait because I love my new tattoo!

I asked a few questions to the Shop Manager Taz and here’s how the interview went:

1)How long has lucky dragon been open?
Just over 1 year now

2) What hours are you open?
We are open from 12pm-9pm Tuesday to Saturday

3) Location?
8116 Manning Avenue

4) How many artists are working this event today?
We have 4 artists working

5) If someone wanted to book a tattoo one day what would they do? walkin ? prebook?
Come down to the shop with ideas and material and have a chat with the staff, we do a lot of prebooking but walk-ins are always welcome

6) Who came up with the idea about having a “Paws for a cause” event?
We are all animal owners and lovers in the shop so we decided to support a cause we all love. We are also a part of the pitbull awareness group and just wanted to show some love

7) Why did you pick to donate money to the FMSPCA?
We have all owned and adopted dogs and know how hard the volunteers and staff work so we wanted to show some appreciation

8) How many tattoos do you think will get done today?
We have done 15 so far and hope to get over 20

9) Will you ever have this event again, if so when are you thinking?
We are hoping to do this every 3 months or so :)

10) What is the total raised here today?
$1000 will be donated to the FMSPCA!

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