Tuesday Spotlight – Dawn Maclean

*Name: Dawn MacLean

*Origin: Calgary, Ab

*Years in Fort McMurray: 4 Years in Fort McMurray

 *Animal(s) (breed, name, age):

1) Phoebe: AKA Phebs Female – Mastiff/Weim Mix – 2 years old

*Interesting facts about Pheobe: Phebs is about 120lbs of furry who thinks she’s a lap dog. You can often find her in our bed snuggled underneath the covers or lazin around on the furniture like she’s the queen of her castle.

*Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks

*Favorite Trick: Shake Hands

2) Ernie: Aka Big Ern – Male – Dashund/Sheltie Mix – 5 years old

*Interesting facts: Big Ern is about 25lbs but thinks he’s the big dog of the house. He likes to be by your side always and like Phoebe he can be found nightly snuggled under the covers between his mom and dad.

*Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks or anything he thinks looks good that you have.

*Favorite Trick: Singing

3) Ike: Aka Gray Baby – Male – Medium Domestic Gray Hair Cat – 11 years old we think

*Interesting Facts: Gray baby is a bit like a dog he comes when you call his name or if you tell him there’s a party he comes running it’s pretty cute. He loves pajama parties the best.  When we first adopted Ike from the Cochrane Humane society in 2004 he spent most of his first weeks sitting on the window ledge hissing at us if we went near him. Now he comes like a dog and taps on you with a paw to get you to lift the blankets to get in for a cuddle.


4) Billy: Aka Big B – Male – Large Domestic Orange Long hair 18lbs – 10 years old we think.  Big B greets people at the door when the come to visit. He’s a funny little guy who’s super cuddly and loves everyone. His favorite spot to snuggle is at the top of my head on one of my pillows. Big B is also adopted from the Humane Society in Cochrane Ab. The day we first saw him he had his big paws reaching out of the kennel trying to reach out to touch us.  When we opened his cage he put his paws around my neck as if to say please take me with you and we did. He’s my big baby and is head greeter at our house.

*Perspective on adoption a rescue: So many animals need loving homes and adopting from any shelter is a wonderful idea in our books. Taking the time to give a lot of love, provide a safe home and give a fuzzy friend a family for life is our motto. I will always have animals in my home because a house is not a home without some fuzzy friends to make it complete. If there isn’t fur and sloppy kisses in my house it just wouldn’t feel right.

*Favorite Quote: Animals are such wonderful friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. George Eliot

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