Missing and Found

Missing & Found seems to be a huge topics on Facebook this year and mainly a lot this summer. I know animals are all different with their personalities and like to get into trouble but there’s many things US AS HUMANS can do to prevent a missing or found animal as each of them go hand in hand.. some result in happy endings and some unfortunately do not.

First off I want to say if you have an animal be sure to get it registered with your city, they don’t do this for the hell of it. its to benefit YOU! By having this on your animal it makes it easier to identify their owners. Also you may way to think about getting a name tag with your phone number on it in case they are found also(the FMSPCA and Bone & Biscuit both make custom ones in many shapes, fonts and colors). Most of all, make sure your animal is wearing a collar without a collar how are you going to attach these items to them? If someone finds your animal how are they going to attach a leash to them to get them to safety and ensure they don’t take off again? Another route is to get your animal chipped at a vet. This chip is inserted into the animal usually behind their neck and contains information that when it is scanned it can tell who owns it etc.

Let’s talk about missing animals and how to prevent your own animal or someone else’s animal from getting out. I believe there are 2 reasons animals escape; 1) leaving an animal in a back yard with a in-secure area to be in. 2) people are not careful when entering or exiting door, this could mean YOU or someone visiting. Every pet owner should be checking their backyards all the time to make sure if you have an animal who likes to dig that you fill in the holes, put cement blocks by where they like to dig etc.  As they are outside why not peak through the window while they are out there. Another thing is you can put them on a leash in the backyard (cats too as they are more likely to climb up the fence and wander) it doesn’t need to be a small walking leash it can be a running line, or a long unbreakable cord tied to somewhere secure like your deck.

As a pet owner I am very lucky to have a dog who is off leash trained who does not leave my side, but I do know people who have animals who like to run and not listen. It is YOUR job as an animal owner to let people know who are visiting to know you have an animal especially if they have a tendencies to bolt out the door. A sign on your door/gate is a great way to tell people you have an animal (could be a beware of dog, beware of cat, beware of animal sign). Its also a good way to prevent robbers too!
If you have an animal who likes to bolt out the door as soon as its opened consider getting a baby gate at the top of the stairs/bottom of the stairs. It’s the same as if you have a child and don’t want them to get into a certain area of the house. If your scared about how “ugly” they look you can get some super nice ones online! Black metal, beautiful wood and some not cheap looking plastic ones.

If you have kids, you should be teaching this all to them also as well as friends and other animal owners. EDUCATE them! This will prevent future missing & found animals!

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