Thursday Spotlight – Twinkle Fabian

*Name: Twinkle Fabian

*Origin: Philippines

*Years In Fort McMurray: 7 months

*Animal(s) (age, breed, name): Noopy

*Interesting Facts about your animal(s): Noopy doesn`t want to be touched or cuddled by other people, he only wants me. He`s very cute and totally changed my world. I`ve  been experiencing depression before but when my mom gave me Noopy instead of cutting myself I divert my attention to him. We were so attached to each other that we sync in so many ways. No one else can control him just me. Not that I taught him to but I don`t know, he just doesnt trust other people. I sometimes think he has special needs like people have. I find him not normal sometimes and hard to deal with when it comes to other people. He just loose himself everytime he sees strangers or even my family. He will not eat unless you literally spoon feed him. You need to offer and give his food to him and he`ll eat on my palm. But because i do care for him it`s a responsibility i just need to deal with. I was so afraid on what`s going to happen to him and been thinking about him every night and day specially when I left home to go here to work. It feels so bad. but everytime we skype with my family they would tell me some improvements. I adopted and been sponsoring a teenanger back home and Noopy seems to like her. He listens to her and she(teenager) was able to cuddle him. One thing that relieves me :) It motivates me to work harder so I can continue to send my student to school and so that someone would look after my special Noopy. When he was like a couple of months old I thought I would lose him. He was so sick. He was having a diarrhea, he`s getting thinner, he vomits everything. I really can`t afford to let him checked by a vet so i just think of any possible solution. i gave him an anti-helminthic for worms. What i gave is for humans. And luckily his health improved. I don`t see worms from his poop and all but for me it was a miracle. That was one of the most stressful time of my life that I couldn`t eat my food knowing that Noopy can`t.Just so glad he went through it :)

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat: Dog food. because they used with rice and meat as their regular meal and whenever their is dog food that`s their treat or snack :)

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick: He doesn`t do much. But aside from being able to follow some of my instructions like sit and quiet. I like it when i will tell him carry and then he will sit and face his back to me and ready to be carried. I find it very sweet and funny sometimes. Cause he loves to be carried. And whenever i say the word carr noopyÉ he knows what to do :)

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue: I am open into adopting a rescue dog. every dog deserves a good life like us, like people. It always break my heart to see videos of dog being abused, it definitely makes me cry. That`s why i`d rather not watched or hear those stuff coz it`s so unfair for me. I am looking forward in adopting a dog at SPCA soon when I`m already PR here and have my own place. It may be tough sometimes to adopt a rescue specially when the dog was traumatized because most of them would show aggression or the other way around doesn`t want to be touched to be around people anymore. but instead of giving up we must take all the necessary actions and give all the help, understanding and patience that we can be. When a traumatized rescue dog will then trust you then he or she will begin to cherish everything that you`ve been doing for him or her

*Favorite Quote: `A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself`- Josh bilingsDSC_0666 DSC03735 Photo0019 Photo0086 Photo0160 Photo0211 Photo0382 Photo0393 Photo0503 Photo0680