Thursday Spotlight – Denise Hopley

*Name: Denise Hopley

*Years In Fort McMurray: 4

*Animal(s) (age, breed, name):
7 months old , husky X rotti , Molly
8 years old , lab X husky , Jasper
6 years old , lab X Alaskan sheep herder

*Interesting Facts about your animal(s):
Molly – she is a very high jumper she can jump 6 feet high  , She loves to eat blueberries , she does not like to play in the water
Jasper – If there is a water hole he will find it , he will lie in it and bathe – Jasper was left for dead and was abused very badly as a little puppy – he is prone to seizures , he is not affectionate ( licking etc ) but he will lick me and snuggle up with me on our bed , he’s about 125 pounds
Shadow , she knows when jasper is going to have a seizure and will come inform us , she knows how to open cupboards and fridges – we have to keep the fridge locked otherwise they will eat all of what’s in the fridge .

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat:
Molly’s is blueberries
Jasper rather a squeaky toy over food treat
Shadow – everything is her favourite

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick:
Molly will roll over
Jasper he will talk to you ,
Shadow – will give high fives

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue:
My perspective on adopting a rescue – every dog deserves happiness and healthy lifestyle – many people are hesitant on adopting a rescue dog due to unknown health concerns / behaviour / temperament – however it’s all unknown – it’s how we raise our furry friend – respect & train them , fill em with love . I feel the best pets are rescue pets – I have had very positive experience with rescue dogs . One rescue dog – she was 10 years old ( husky ) her name max – she had health concerns but that didn’t stop the love we had for her – she was with us for two very short years but she really enjoyed her time with us – we had to out her down as it was no longer beneficial to her – we didn’t care about the cost of medication or her hair loss – someone said to me ” ewe she kinda bald ” I responded with she’s very beautiful !

*Favorite Quote:  Turn every negative into a positive

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