FMSPCA Friday – Wishlist Items

The FMSPCA is always accepting donations from the community for their “Wish List” Items. The list is always being updated online with items they no longer need and items they are still in need of. At the moment this is what the “Wish List” looks like:

We’re OK for Now Yes Please
Kitty Litter **Snow Blower, Gas Powered, Large**
Canned Cat Food **Martingale Collars**
Cat Treats **Large, hose reel/stand, heavy duty**
Cat Toys Small Raw Hides
Paper Towels Kongs of all Sizes
Blankets Postage Stamps
Towels 8.5 x 11 Printer Paper
Liquid Laundry Soap Toilet Paper
Milk Bone Type Biscuits Washers
  Large Raw Hides 4′ or 6′  Leashes
Crates of All Sizes, No Broken or Rusty Ones Please
Canned Dog Food
Medium Raw Hides

Last year me and Rolo spent many many hours driving around town picking up items for a Christmas Wish List drive I put together. We presented the FMSPCA with a huge trolly full of items in need at the Christmas Tree Lighting. It was a great feeling presenting all the items to them! :)  You can see me in a clip here!:

christmas donations

Just remember that if you are wanting to bring a ton of items be sure to call ahead to make sure the fmspca has room as they dont have many storage room up at the shelter. 1-780-743-8997 :)

Be Kind & Donate, Karma has agreat way of repaying those who think of others first! :)