Rolo; a mini guest speaker at an Epilepsy conference

This past weekend we (Rolo & I) went to Edmonton to meet up with some bridesmaids for a girls weekend. A while ago we liked the facebook page of the Edmonton Epilepsy Association and seen that they were having a Epilepsy Awareness Conference the Saturday that we were going to be in Edmonton. I contacted them saying we would be in town and would love to stop by and hand out some of Rolo’s McMurray Girl magazine that he was featured in. As most of you know Rolo does have K9 Epilepsy, I love to educate people on it and tell Rolo’s adoption story. They said Rolo would be featured on their newsletter next month also! So Neat!
As soon as we got to the event we actually got invited up to speak in front of all of the people there telling rolos story, letting people know what it was like living with a dog who has epilepsy, then they all had the chance to ask me questions and come and meet Rolo. After we spoke we went around the room talking to people and handing out our blog pens. One lady even suggested a book I should read because Rolo is also a pet therapy dog, and i actually went and picked up the book while at the mall “a dog walks into a nursing home”. I really enjoyed this and was so grateful for the hospitality they gave us. We will continue to spread awareness and next time you are at a shelter or anywhere and find an animal who has K9 Epilepsy, don’t be scared to adopt them as it was the best decision I have ever made.


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One thought on “Rolo; a mini guest speaker at an Epilepsy conference

  1. fivesibesmom says:

    Wonderful post! So nice to “meet” you and handsome Rolo! We so agree that the key is education so other folks will know Epi-dogs are wonderful and have so much love to give, and that Canine Epilepsy does not stop these amazing dogs, so it shouldn’t stop folks from adopting them! Great work!!! And thank you so much for including us in your K9 Epilepsy Awareness!

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