FMSPCA Friday – Kennel Sponsorship

Kennel Sponsorships are a great way to show your love, or do in memorium of a pas pet, current pet or even in memory of someone who loved animals. You can sponsor a kennel any tiem of the year for as many months as you want. You can pick whos kennel you want to sponsor; dog or cat. Kennel Sponsorships cover medical care, food, toys, and treats are supplied.

This year me and my mom plan on selling super cute handmade bone christmas ornaments (made by my mom Heather, auntie Cathy and aunts dad George) and handmade fleece tied animal toys in order to get some kennels sponsored this year. So look for my post about items for sale :) 100% will be donated to the FMSPCA :)

Sponsorship Prices:
Monthly Dog Kennel $200
Monthly Cat Kennel $150
Yearly Dog Kennel $2250
Yearly Cat Kennel $1600

Get your office together, each person pitch in some money and go sponsor a kennel on behalf of your office. This is such a great idea and just think of the warm feeling you will feel in your heart for doing a good deed!

Fort McMurray SPCA
155 MacAlpine Crescent
Fort McMurray, AB

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