#WaggingWednesday – Happy Howl- O-Ween!!

I love all holidays and basically anytime that you can theme out your house and pet. Rolo happens to love wearing costumes, he doesn’t shake them off and he happens to wear a themed bandana every month. If I didnt have to stay home to hand out candy I would definately be out  out trick or treating with him BUT he does answer the door with me and greet all the kids! If you bring your animals out with you but be sure to remember these tips below to make your night and everyone else’s night more enjoyable;
1) Be Prepared: You never know what your pet it going to do so always pack some poop bags, portable water dish, water and maybe a few treats.

2) No Sweets: Everyone knows you’re not supposed to eat your treats until you get home and your parents or an adult check your candy over so make sure your animal isn’t getting into your treat bag  or into any treats that fall onto the ground durring halloween because they WILL get sick.

3) Dressing your pet up: If you are putting a costume on your pet be sure you check it over to make sure it’s not tight in any area, doesn’t restrict the pet from walking properly. You can also try it on a few times before Halloween to make sure your animal is comfortable in it.

4) Leashing your pet: Always keep your animal on a leash, there will be tons of foot traffic as well as cars driving around on Halloween. You never know if there are any people who are scared of animals so this insures them safety also.

5) Remember the Children: If you have an animal who gets scared easily, doesn’t like kids or would rather be at home please be sure to leave them at home. last thing you want is your animal hurting someone and you know that if you have your pet out at Halloween people are going to be rushing over to pet it.

Be Safe & Have A Happy Howl-O-Ween!!