#WaggingWednesday – Forever Missed

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Sparky Lee Nelson is a name I will always remember, most people in my life do know why it is a very significant name and means a lot to me. Today happens to be the anniversary of my childhood dog’s passing. 5 years ago today she was brought to the vet in Prince George, BC to be laid to rest forever.

I had sparky for most of my life and since I was an only child she was my sister, best friend and most of all family. I try to never regret anything in life but there is one thing i do and that is not bringing her with me when I went to go work in Fort McMurray or that I shouldnt have even left her. I worked shift work (21 days on 7 off) and with those 7 off I would go home to BC. It seems that every time I returned to work my dad would tell me how bad/old Sparky is getting for instance not being able to hold in going to the washroom and getting sick. I returned home after my shift and she acted fine, she acted as if nothing was wrong. Some may say I am crazy but I’m 100% sure she knew that I needed her to be strong while I was home so she put on an act. This went on for quite some time, I treasured each day I had with her and before I would head back to work I would cuddle her and tell her to as silly as this seems “stay alive” as I couldn’t bare having her leave me. I didn’t think that the last time I was home and said those words to her would really be the last time I would say that to her.

I was up at work and my dad called me after I finished my shift telling me that Sparky had to be put down as she had just went downhill and there was no way to come back up. I couldn’t describe to anyone the pain I felt that day which continues to this day. I know everyone always has the fear of having someone you love leave you. Its something very hard and takes a lot of strength to return to normal but I will say that it does get easier and one thing that made me finally come to terms with that she was gone was getting a memorial tattoo on my foot. Everytime I see it I smile as I remember all of the great times we had growing up.

If you have this fear about adopting an animal don’t let this stop you from saving someones life. I think of when Sparky passed it gave room in my life to save another life and I will continue to adopt and help shelter animals for the rest of my life.

I love this quote below!

This poem has alot of meaning to me.
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2 thoughts on “#WaggingWednesday – Forever Missed

  1. Jessica @ Life with Duke says:

    Thank you for sharing this story, I know it is difficult to relive moments like this. I will never forget the day that we put down my childhood dog & to this day it still makes me emotional. But I agree, the love in the time you have is so worth it. :)

    • Kimberley - Confessions of a Rescue Mom says:

      Thank you :) It was hard to write cause I get choked up all the time talking about her. but I did it! :)

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