#WaggingWednesday – In Need Of Animals To Be “Spotlighted”

Today’s blog is going to be super short but I would like to mention that I am running low on animals to be put onto my blogs “Tuesday & Thursday Spotlight” and that makes me sad as I know there are millions and millions of animal owners in the world.

At first I did want it to be animals just in YMM and feature YMM animals but I have found it so hard to get people to fill out the quick and simple form (which really only takes 5 minutes) so I have expanded it to all over the world and im actually quite excited for this as there are so many animals out there with inspiring stories that everyone should be inspired to read.

So If you have any type of animal; dog, cat, horse, reptile or anything else head over to my blog site and fill in the quick and easy form. Then email me up to 10 photos of your animals and I will schedule them in to a free date :)

Email: Kimberley_nelson@hotmail.com
Website for Form: https://rescuedogmomconfessions.wordpress.com/tuesday-thursday-spotlight-form/

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