#WaggingWednesday – Our Christmas Fundraiser Total

imagesToday is my 26th Birthday and what better way of sharing my special day then sharing the total for Our Christmas FMSPCA Fundraiser of 2013. Why do I love Fort McMurray.. Well look below!

First off I want to give a Big Thank YOU to all of the people who contributed to our Christmas Fundraiser by either purchasing an item, donating a wish list item, donating bottles or even just spreading the word about our fundraiser. A Big shout out to my Mom, Auntie Cathy and her dad George for taking time out of their lives to make handmade bone ornaments to sell with proceeds going to the fundraiser AND THEY DONT EVEN LIVE IN FORT MCMURRAY. As well as the lady my mom knows and her daughter in BC who made the fleece tied animal toys from my moms scrap fleece and my good friend Nicole Robinson who held a Zumba fundraiser for me with the proceeds going to our total. My goal this year was to collect wish list items and sponsor 3 kennels as last year I only collected wish list items. I thought this was a great goal as sponsoring the kennels alone would cost $600.00.

This needs to be written in Caps Locks..WITH ALL OF YOUR HELP WE WERE ABLE TO SPONSOR NOT 3 KENNELS BUT 7 KENNELS AS WELL AS PURCHASE SOME WISH LIST ITEMS WITH THE LEFTOVER MONEY. This truly makes my heart melt knowing how generous the community is. I love Fort McMurray and those who don’t should take a look around at all of the amazing people we have here who give so much to those who need it.
IMG-20131203-00805                      Our 2013 Christmas Kennel Sponsorships; Toby, Moose, Chillo( in memory of my lab Sparky), Lexi, Georgia, Ginger and my Buddy Triumph. They are all available for adoption at the FMSPCA!! www.fortmcmurrayspca.ca or call 1-780-743-3773


Here are some photos from the Fundraiser;
Seven Car Rentals Donated $10.00 to a Charity of MY Choice, you all know who I would pick!

Selling Handmade Bone Ornaments & Fleece Tied Animal Toys at the Timberlea School Market with all Funds going to the FMSPCA

Me With Nicole Robinson & Rolo at the Zumba Fundraiser (Nicole is a awesome teacher checkout her page http://www.facebook.com/TeamZumbaWithNicole)

Out Collecting Bottles with Rolo

Zumba Class

Out Spending the rest of the money that wasnt enough to get a kennel on supplies the shelter needs!

My Suv loaded with wishlist items! Inside the kennel is blankets and towels! Off to deliver this all to the shelter TONITE(Dec4th)

If you have any ideas for Next Years Fundraiser please let me know, and if you want to help event better! It takes alot of hours and time running around to all areas of town to gather items and bottles and it would be awesome to get some help!! Find me on Twitter @rescuemomblog or email me kimberley_nelson@hotmail.com

**Happy Birthday To Me, BUT REALLY Merry Christmas to Our Fort McMurray SPCA!!