#WaggingWednesday – Downward Dog with Higher Health Clinic

Higher Health held a YOGA DAY (by donation to the FMSPCA)  November 30th. Me and Rolo were there for the beginning of each class collection donations and giving out information about our blog and the FMSPCA. I had never done yoga so after the event I decided to sign up for a class. I picked the Warm Yin Yoga with Instructor Ivy. December 8th I went to the class, definitely very nervous. I am not a quiet person and the thought of me sitting in a quiet room with no talking scared me. To my surprise! there was calm peaceful music and the instructor talked us through everything. I was totally fine with closing my yap for an hour. It was so relaxing (and with me always being so busy and high energy) this was AMAZING.

I cannot thank Higher Health enough for introducing me to Yoga! I will definitely be coming back!! My body and mind feels at ease!!

One thing I totally loved was how easy it was to book online, the page was easy to read and not one bit confusing. It gave an explanation of each class and information on each of the instructors! Next step, getting a Massage from the Clinic!

*Where are you located?
We have two locations:
Higher Health Clinic – 2111 – 7901 King Street, Fort McMurray.
Higher Health Yoga & Wellness – Bay 13 – 36 Riedel Street, Fort McMurray.

*What are your hours of operation?
-Clinic – Monday – Friday 9:00A – 7:00P, SAT 9:00A – 3:00P
-Yoga – 10:00A – 9:30P

*What different items do you offer at your facilities?:
-Clinic – Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs, Natural Lotions and Oils
-Yoga – Dusky Leaf Mats/Products, Half Moon Products, Jade Mats/Products, Manduka Mats. Santevia sticks, Yogitoes products, Coconut water, Larabars,  Limited  Yoga Apparel.

*How can people get a hold of you for information/bookings ?:
All bookings for Yoga & Massage can be done online at http://www.HigherHealth.ca
Phone number is 780-743-0566
Higher Health Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HigherHealthClinic
Higher Health Twitter: https://twitter.com/HigherHealth1
Higher Health YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/HigherHealthClinic

*Why did you decide to do a fundraiser for the FMSPCA?
We have a staff of 30. Of the 30 only 4 don’t have either a cat, dog or bird. We are all HUGE animal fan’s, and talk about our pets as if they were our kids. It was a no-brainer to support the FMSPCA

*What was the outcome of the fundraiser?
Aside from meeting a VERY well-behaved dog named Rolo. We raised $1001.47 for the FMSPCA.  Helped the community, and overcame people’s fear of trying Yoga for the first time. A Giant success.

*Anything else to add, comments, events coming up etc?
Higher Health Clinic is Fort McMurray’s largest Natural Health Clinic. We have the largest staff of Registered Massage Therapists in the Mac. We have Fort McMurray’s ONLY Registered Acupuncturists. We are the only commercial clinic that has active doula’s practicing out of our clinic. We are also Fort McMurray’s newest Health clinic

**Higher Health Yoga & Wellness is the Original HOT Yoga studio in the Mac. We have the largest amount of Yoga Instructors, Yoga classes and class styles in Fort McMurray.

Higher Health Clinic 02
Higher Health Clinic 04
Higher Health Clinic 13