Thursday Spotlight – Richard Hustwit

*Your Name: Richard Hustwit

*Where Are You From?:: Originally, the UK but I have been living in Hong Kong since 2003.

*Animal(s) (Age, Name, Breed)?:: Dogs (2), Dexter is 5 years and a mongrel. Coco is 2 years and is a Chihuahua.

*Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s)?:: Dexter suffers from epilepsy and he was named after a book character that I was reading at the time. When he was two I discovered that the same book had been turned into a TV series (Dexter). He hates water and is terrified of swimming, (even when it’s raining he only goes out to pee/poop, he refuses to be walked). Coco is his younger sister and a bully, she will constantly pick on him.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat?:: Dried fish (it’s a Chinese thing here)

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick?:: Dexter: He knows how to unlock the door when it’s locked (push down button on a sliding door). Coco can climb for China – how she gets to some places I will never know.

*Perspective On Adopting A Rescue?:: Both of my dogs are rescued dogs. Dexter was found by a friend in a rubbish bin (he was with 5 brothers/sisters in a shoe box). Coco was from a disreputable breeder here in Hong Kong

*Favorite Quote?:: If Life Doesn’t Hand You Sugar And Water, Your Lemonade Is Gonna Suck.