Tuesday Spotlight – Aaron Gordon

Your Name: Aaron gordon

Where Are You From?:: Anzac and Athabasca

Animal(s) (Age, Name, Breed)?:: 27 months. Zenzi. Mixed, mostly Black Shepard with a dash of Husky and Rottie

Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s)?:: Love people and all domestic animals

Animal(s) Favorite Treat?:: Cooked Broccoli

Animal(s) Favorite Trick?:: Sit, down, shake, roll and finding squirrels lol

Perspective On Adopting A Rescue?:: The only way to bring pet into the family.

Favorite Quote?:: If it only takes a second, be prep aired for the consequences for life

Comments>:: We adopted her at 6 weeks old with a broken rear left leg. The people could not afford the risk of possible amputation (3K) and were considering putting her down. As some as I hear that, it was a no brainier, she was coming home with me!  My youngest came up with her name, Zenzi. It is from German folk lore. In short a story about a Princess that was able to rise from adversity and triumph   That she did. She has a gift of calming aggressive dogs and cats. Yes cats.

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